Jung on Indivduation

The urge to individuation gathers together what is scattered and multifarious and exalts it to the original form of the One.

CW 11, par. 401

Individuation does not shut one out from the world, but gathers the world unto oneself.

CW 8, par. 432 

The Individuation Process

As psychological beings, we often find ourselves trapped in expectations created by the conditions and complexes acquired early in life, pitfalls that can be daunting or even seem impossible to overcome. Yet, something inside of us intends for us to break free, in order to develop into the unique individuals that we are meant to be. In this sense, it is key to become conscious of what sets us up to think, feel, and act in certain ways that block what would otherwise be a natural and purposeful maturation process. Consciousness makes the difference. The individuation process is our deepening capacity to reflect and embody our total Self, our wholeness, in ways that go beyond imitation or the need for approval from others. 

The aim of individuation is nothing less than to divest the self (i.e. the ego) of the false wrapping of the persona on the one hand, and of the suggestive power of primordial images on the other. 

“The Function of the Unconscious” CW 7, par 269

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