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We warmly welcome you to the "Life and Work of C.G. Jung," an intimate and detailed biographical chronology of Jung's personal and professional development. This 4-part lecture serves as a blueprint that develops and integrates key Jungian concepts in progressive sequence, offering an accounting of Jung's most important writings and pivotal relationships, with coinciding visuals to help bring his life and ideas into clear focus. The lecture content serves also as Module 1 of a larger, 12-part course, entitled Encountering the Psyche: Fundamental Concepts in Analytical Psychology, to be released on this virtual platform later in 2022. In its entirety, the larger course will provide a solid grounding in Jung’s understanding of the structure and dynamics of the psyche, covering concepts in Jungian or Analytical Psychology such as projection, enantiodromia, and synchronicity, along with practical considerations having to do with working with unconscious material such as dreams, affect states and somatic states. Individual modules, as predecessors to the complete course, will be released approximately monthly and will be made available separately for those who want to explore these concepts a little at a time. They may also serve as supplemental or preparatory lectures that will enhance the C.G. Jung Library of Tampa Bay's regularly scheduled in-person lectures and workshops. If you live nearby, or plan to visit Florida in the near future, we hope you will join us for a face-to-face conversation about Jung's rich and important legacy of ideas!

Thank you for purchasing this course, and we hope you enjoy the lecture!

C.G. Jung Library of Tampa Bay

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